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Maize Blaze was launched in Camden Market in 2014 by founder Ruth Christianson. Inspired by her early childhood growing up in Bogota, Colombia, Ruth is on a mission to popularise this wonderfully diverse cuisine in the UK.

The Maize Blaze food and experience was developed in the heart of London’s dynamic street food scene, and quickly set the standard for contemporary Colombian cuisine in London.

The team has grown over the years to include hardworking creative chefs on the front lines and incredible freelancers that help to spread the Maize Blaze dream visually and socially.


Our logo was inspired by a gold figurine made by the indegenous Colombian tribe, the Muisca.  Handmade gold items like these were rowed out into the middle of lake Guatavita and thrown in as offerings to the gods. You can now see many of these figurines at the Museo del Oro, Bogota or check out our Pinterest board for some examples. We think this particular one really captured our team spirit and we felt it was a natural representation of our joyful and mischievous natures!

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sustainable packaging


We strongly believe business owners hold the responsibility to operate in a forward-thinking manner.

In an age of high food wastage and throw-away culture, Maize Blaze opts for compostable packaging for all their outlets and works with Too Good To Go wherever possible to ensure no food goes to waste.

Traditional crafts


The WATI Collective works directly with skilled artisans from Colombia to share their work and tell their stories. They aim to support artisans to create a sustainable income to support themselves and their communities, while preserving their rich culture and traditions. View their crafts here.
Anglo Colombian Charity


Children Change Colombia work in partnership with local children’s organisations in Colombia who have a proven record in defending the rights of children most affected by poverty, inequality and conflict. As a registered UK charity, they rely on donations and fundraising events to work with parents, teachers and policy makers to help them keep children safe now and protect them in the long-term.