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Launching in Bristol | MAIZE BLAZE

Launching in Bristol

Colombian brunch cafe

Our doors open for the very first time in Bristol on 14th July!

I am incredibly excited that Maize Blaze will be launching a brunch pop up in the heart of Bristol’s artistic quarter, Stokes Croft. Collaborating with Bristol restaurant veterans, Season and Taste, we will be creating a Colombian Brunch menu at their new venue, Corner 77.

This is such a wonderful opportunity to showcase some of our recipes that would not be suitable for street food and also to expand on some of our street food dishes in a restaurant setting. We’re talking huevos pericos, Jackfuit arepas, meaty loaded bandeja paisa and one of my absolute favourite plates, the Cabeza de Gato. This dish has it’s roots in the coastal regions of Colombia and, contrary to the name which actually means Cat’s Head, is actually completely vegan consisting of a hash including plantains, roasted red peppers and corn bread chunks. I love this with slow-cooked red beans and a bit of fresh salad and coriander to complement the textures.

Corner 77 is a wonderful new venue which is a host to many Bristolian street food pop ups in an indoor market setting as well as our brunch takeover on the weekends in the main kitchen. The newly opened space has a great selection of draft beers, cocktails and fantastic coffee which is roasted in South Bristol as well as a really spacious seating area as well as big screens to catch the World cup matches or movie screenings.

Being right smack in the heart of Stoke’s Croft feels like a wonderful fit for Maize Blaze and we’re feeling right at home surrounded by so many small independent businesses up and down the street around us. We cannot wait to be part of the Bristol independent food community!