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Maize Blaze goes Pink! | MAIZE BLAZE

Maize Blaze goes Pink!

pink logo

We’ve gone pink! Introducing our brand-new logo.

When I first conceived Maize Blaze, I researched logos and other London-Colombian businesses and street food stalls. I wanted to pair together the traditional Colombian flavours of my childhood in Bogota with the modern, culturally-diverse city I now live in: London. In the end, inspired by the Colombian flag, I created the yellow, blue and red cute robot cartoon in the hope that it would marry the traditional and the new.


This was met with total confusion by customers! So in the end we lost the robot and just kept his head. But still Mariana and I would answer confused customers’ who thought that the logo was a “caldera” (a big boiling pan).


Recently however, I have started to worry that our existing logo didn’t fit in with the brand we have grown to become. We love to serve bright salads, colourful vegan platters, tropical cocktails and cute little pan de bono buns. Our food is bold, bright, fresh and exciting and in the end I decided it was time to rebrand and let the Maize Blaze energy shine through with a new look.

I sat down with Jackie and Emily and created a mood board of what I feel Maize Blaze is all about. There were tropical rainforest leaves, indigenous golden totems and brightly-coloured paradise birds. There were exotic orchid flowers, South American dance dresses and bright colourful foodie shots. Looking at my finished Pinterest board, I realised I’d sort of developed the brand without even realising it.

With the help of designer, Ben, the new Maize Blaze logo was born. The pink is inspired by the pink of the pickled red onion which looks oh so beautiful atop our Lean Mean Vegan Machine. The shape of the design is inspired by the gold totem pieces which were thrown into Lake Guatavita in Colombia as offerings to the sun gods.


As a child, I loved visiting the original little totem in the Gold Museum. When you look at his head you can see all the mischief, vibrancy and life that I see in Maize Blaze. I’ve known that little guy all my life and now he can travel with me in modern magenta as I take that golden, tropical energy into the world.

Our little pink totem head has inspired us to modernise the website which we’ve updated with a vibrant pink, dark leafy green and warm yellow design. This new look is also going to be seen in our new street food kiosk which will be reopening on Wednesday 20th September.

Realising the whole new look has been a lot of hard work but I have never felt more inspired. I feel like Maize Blaze will have the home it deserves now in Camden and that we’re now much better prepared to tackle any bigger builds coming our way!

Viva magenta Maize Blaze!