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Our Vegan Promise | MAIZE BLAZE

Our Vegan Promise

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How we avoid veggie and vegan cross contamination

We’ve all made our own unique dietary choices based on our personal ethics, beliefs, upbringing and so much else. In many ways, what we eat nowadays defines us.

These days, more and more people are becoming vegetarian and there has been a huge boom in veganism recently. Everyone has different reasons for cutting out animal products, whether it be for health, animal welfare or for the good of the planet. This year more people than ever have given Veganuary a go – where you try going vegan for the whole of January!

Whatever your reasons for eating what you eat, you should be able to eat out without the fear that your food is contaminated with something that you have made the active decision not to eat. This is what cross contamination is.

At Maize Blaze, we take your dietary decisions seriously and keep meat and veggies in separate containers with separate utensils. We also use a separate fryer for vegan, veggie and meat items, and always use separate chopping boards. This way we can be sure that none of our vegan or vegetarian food has come into contact with any meat or animal products.

Being strict about cross contamination is about respecting everyone’s personal dietary decisions and making a menu that is open to all.

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