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We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday! | MAIZE BLAZE

We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday!

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Emily, the face behind our social media posts, is off on an exciting trip to Colombia at the end of this month and she’s taking us with her! Expect to see lots of photos of Emily’s trip on our social media over the next few weeks, as well as a couple of blogs about some of the main attractions Colombia has to offer and (most importantly) a running commentary of the Colombian food she’ll be enjoying out there. Over to Emily to introduce herself and tell us about what she’s got planned…     I first went to South America two years ago when on a whim, I decided to buy tickets to some of the events at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. During the six-week trip, as well as visiting Rio de Janiero, my best friend Kat and I travelled throughout Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. It was during this first South American adventure that I developed a taste for empanadas and I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t my main motivation for applying to work for Maize Blaze last April!   Anyway, two years on and inspired by working for Maize Blaze for the last 15 months, I’m off backpacking with the same friend to experience the inspiration behind Maize Blaze. We’re flying to Bogotá and haven’t really got much of a plan except to see, do and taste as much as possible.   I’m really keen to experience the Feria de las Flores festival of flowers in Medellin which takes place in August and sees streets filled with enormous, beautiful flower arrangements and parades. I’m also really keen to go to Caño Cristales, also known as the ‘Liquid Rainbow’, which is a vibrantly multi-coloured river south of Bogotá. I also learnt to paraglide earlier this year so I’d love to go paragliding somewhere during the trip but we’ll see what happens.   I’ll be posting lots and lots of photos over on the Maize Blaze Instagram and Facebook accounts so make sure you’re following those and check back here for blogs about my trip. Hasta la vista London!

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