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Why is our food vegan-friendly and gluten-free?

Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan food is becoming more popular every day. At Maize Blaze we take your dietary decisions seriously. Whether it’s for health reasons, a diet or just simply a preference not to eat animal products or gluten, we got you covered!


We want everyone to enjoy our food, no matter what your diet is. That is one of the reasons why all our food is gluten-free. The most well-known reason for people to eat gluten-free is gluten intolerance. People with an intolerance suffer unpleasant symptoms, and therefore often follow a special gluten-free diet. Whilst this is not a reason to love gluten-free food, we do love to prepare all of our food gluten-free. It helps discover new types of food and dishes or new ways to prepare them. And discovering new food is something we do love!

Vegan and Veggie

Even though being vegan and being vegetarian are two completely different things, we wanted to make sure that everyone is able to experience our Colombian cuisine. Therefore, we make sure to prevent cross contamination by using separate fryers, separate containers, fridges and separate utensils. This way we ensure that none of your vegan or veggie food has come into contact with meat (or dairy).

It just tastes amazing!

We prepare all of our food gluten-free and we have plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. And if we say so ourselves, it tastes amazing! That’s why every dish, from rice balls to chorizo, are prepared with gluten-free ingredients. Whatever your reason is for eating what you want to eat, we believe you should be able to do so without the fear that your food is contaminated with something you don’t want to eat.

Try it yourself. We are based in Camden Market and soon in Holloway. For more information about our gluten-free, send us an e-mail via